The Kings Blade – Croxus

  • Character: The Kings Blade of Croxus
  • Submitted by: Ckay

One of my cool dye results.
Uses some rare dye’s (Last tab)(the gold, chromes and reds)


Character Template:

NOTE: To use this customization, you will need to delete the file extension or unzip the file if it is zipped.


Item Name Source
Helmet N/A N/A
Top Atanis Pearl Shop
Gloves Atanis Pear Shop
Shoes Atanis Pear Shop
Main Weapon Wilderness Blade Pearl Shop
Secondary Weapon Wilderness Horn Bow Pearl Shop
Accessory (Head, Ear)
Accessory (Eye)
Accessory (Mouth, Chin)


Gold, Lime, Chrome and Two valencian reds.
The rest being dark blue’s that look like black for under colour.
Forms of snow/white for arms and leg centers.

The body chrome fabric with the red tinted damage was a valencian pale red that seemed to give that effect for some reason. It goes well.
Same with the shoulders, they have a lime tint to them.