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7 years ago

This is Avaena, an Elf coming from the Long Leaf Forest. She always wanted to be a ranger, and has trained herself to be one since she was a child. Though out there, she got into a situation that was a bit to much for her to chew, and sadly she lost her eye. After recuperating in Olvia from her injury, she is back in business and came across Ilya island where she can be found singing or just hanging out in a tavern. The island’s tavern is run by pirates, and due to hanging out around the lot, she got the Bern armor, as it looked a bit more piratish then her usual green skirt. She can be usually found there on friday and saturday evenings when the tavern is open.

Other information:

I am an RP player in case you hadn’t notice yet ^-^ I created this character when I was able to download the character creation program. And I had the idea to use the hair and try to move it over her long elven ear to make it even more noticable. I worked literally weeks on the hair, always adjusting a little to stop clipping issues. As you can imagine with her long har, there was massive clipping on the back with most armors. But finally its near perfect, only clipping in some positions like crouching, crawling or in certain emotes. I may have made the body to overly sexy with the breast and butt sizes, but as its a fantasy game, might as well make a fantasy worthy main protagonist for myself. 😀