Byordaeir – Uno

  • Character: Byordaeir of Uno
  • Submitted by: Benjamin Mathias SolheimTM AKA Byórðæįr Vas’´ÐrakkenTM AKA Åmörtįs Vas´DrakkenTM AKA Benjamin Mathias Solheim du piers VasDrakkenTM AKA Vas of Ordis Sancti DraconisTM AKA ベンジャミンマディアス・ソルハイムがュ彼の肩に竜の男橋脚 Vas’´ÐrakkenTM AKA Benjamin VasDrakkenTM AKA Åmortįs Byórðæįr Benjamin Mathias Medræs Vlör Vas´Drakken et Vǻs’´Ðrakkæn Ordis Sancti DraconisTM AKA Byordur VasDrakkenTM AKA Byjordaeir “Benjamin” Mathias VasDrakken of Oslo, Norway.TM AKA SrA Benjamin Mathias SolheimTM AKA Shiny Bright water fallTM AKA Freezing rain falling from heavens blessing the dawn light upon the killing cold waters of the fjordTM AKA Bright Waterfall or just Byordr, be harder, be ardur, be more heir like.


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Item Name Source
Main Weapon
Secondary Weapon
Accessory (Head, Ear)
Accessory (Eye)
Accessory (Mouth, Chin)



I actually got my face almost exactly as it is in real life. grin.

The gear is low level reblath or the costumes from the appearance screen. The one with the shoot in Velia shows what the hair looks like when the light shines through it. Yes blonde is counter intuitive if you are not an artist or markup artist / physical effect artist.