Luna Lisa [EU]

  • Character: Luna Lisa of EU
  • Submitted by: Inyalga/LisaLisa

I Initially thought of making a team of females First Name Begins With an L Last Name Lisa But over time i realised it would be to much work for the Life i Live so stuck to my main Lisa Lisa Which is a tamer Gave her a kinda of Compilation look of what mother characters embodied and now i'll share those characters with everyone here hopefully you people like. Also i don't play on the main Server Anyone i just play on a private server Known as PvP Knights it only Launched like 2 Months ago so not all that old like GamezBD or Ogrefest how ever i will say it is better.

Luna Lisa is a Sorc Part of the Lisa Celestials or Squad She is into Alchemy hense why the use of Gold of is all over her clothing even gold in her hair.

Character Template:

NOTE: To use this customization, you will need to delete the file extension or unzip the file if it is zipped.


HelmetAtanis HelmentPearlShop
TopCharles RenePearlShop
GlovesCharles RenePearlShop
ShoesCharles RenePearlShop
Main WeaponShudad Amulet & Karin sytchePearl Shop
Secondary WeaponKarin TalismanPearl Shop
UnderwearLe Vladian UnderWearPearlShop
Accessory (Head, Ear)Lumik Hair BandPearlShop
Accessory (Eye)Raven Ear CuffPearlShop
Accessory (Mouth, Chin)Curitt PiercingPearl Shop


Technically there wasn't any need for or re colouring but i wanted to make her feel more like she is wearing literal gold so i put gold over a few non gold bits and re textured all of the gold elements to shiny metal texture instead of the fabric is was before