Lyrrakat [NA]

  • Character: Lyrrakat of NA
  • Submitted by: Katreina

Character Template:

NOTE: To use this customization, you will need to delete the file extension or unzip the file if it is zipped.


Helmet[Valkyrie] Fallen GarzarPearl shop
Top[Valkyrie] Fallen GarzarPearl shop
Gloves[Valkyrie] Fallen GarzarPearl shop
Shoes[Valkyrie] Fallen GarzarPearl Shop
Main Weapon[Valkyrie] Fallen Garzar LongswordPearl Shop
Secondary Weapon[Valkyrie] Fallen Garzar ShieldPearl shop
Accessory (Head, Ear)Ignis HairbandPearl shop
Accessory (Eye)
Accessory (Mouth, Chin)


Merv's Palette Silver Blade on all metal pieces and accents. Cat pink on all cloth pieces. The dark color picture's are the original default colors