[Sorceress] Lumik

  • Source: Pearl Shop
  • Cost:
    • Weapon & Costume Set: 2,900 Pearls
    • Costume Set: 2,200 Pearls
    • Armor: 1,200 Pearls
    • Helmet: 500 Pearls
    • Gloves: 400 Pearls
    • Shoes: 400 Pearls

Note: Dark Brown part of the costume varies depending on your underwear. Default underwear is shown along with Le Vladian Underwear.

Lumik Full Frontbdo-lumik-sorc-full-4Lumik Full SideLumik Full Backbdo-lumik-sorc-different-underwear

Lumik FrontLumik BackLumik Side

Helmet is a tiny necklace around the neck.

Lumik Hide Helmet