Spriggon – Uno

  • Character: Spriggon of Uno
  • Submitted by: Spriggon

She's not really based on a game character, she's an original concept I made (Cause I can't seem to unclick it), she took me 4~5 hours roughly from constant changes. I ended up liking the end result.


Character Template:

NOTE: To use this customization, you will need to delete the file extension or unzip the file if it is zipped.


Item Name Source
Helmet [Ranger] Cavaro/Venecil Pearl Shop
Top [Ranger] Cavaro/Venecil Pearl Shop
Gloves [Ranger] Cavaro/Venecil Pearl Shop
Shoes [Ranger] Venecil Pearl Shop
Main Weapon [Ranger] Cavaro Pearl Shop
Secondary Weapon [Ranger] Cavaro Pearl Shop
Underwear [Ranger] Cavaro Underwear Pearl Shop, Underwear
Accessory (Head, Ear) Ignis Ear Cuff Pearl Shop, Accessories
Accessory (Eye) Drop Eye Ornament Pearl Shop, Accessories
Accessory (Mouth, Chin) N/A N/A