Yaegerr [NA]

  • Character: Yaegerr of NA
  • Submitted by: Skyeler Yearsley

Character Template:

NOTE: To use this customization, you will need to delete the file extension or unzip the file if it is zipped.


HelmetAmenos Helmin game cash shop
TopGavi reganingame cash shop
GlovesGavi reganingame cash shop
ShoesGavi reganingame cash shop
Main WeaponGavi regan long swordingame cash shop
Secondary WeaponGavi regan Sheildingame cash shop
UnderwearAirblock breif boxersingame cash shop
Accessory (Head, Ear)Raven ear cuffingame cash shop
Accessory (Eye)Barrack eye patchPirate event
Accessory (Mouth, Chin)